Central office


1. Chairman - Kudaibergenov Baktybek Zhaparovich 
2. First Deputy Chairman - Nazira Kerimalieva  
3. Deputy Chairman - Bakytbek Shokenov 
4. Deputy Chairman - Zainidin Jumaliev 
5. Chief of Staff - Elmira Alymkulova



Economic Statistics and National Accounts Department


  • National Accounts and Economic Balance Division


Sustainable Development and Environment Statistics Department

  • Household Statistics Division
3.  Department of Consumer Market Statistics, Information and Communication Technologies and Tourism
4. Office of Accounting and Finance
  • Financial Planning and Support Branch of the Accounting and Financial Support Department
5. Human resources management, regulations and administration
6. Price Statistics Division
7. Consolidated Works, Communications and Statistical Information Dissemination Division
8. Division for the Organization and Coordination of Statistics
9. International Cooperation Division


Industry and Energy Statistics Division

11.  Division of Labor and Employment Statistics
12. Social Statistics Division
13. Demographic Statistics Division
14. Statistical Censuses and Geographic Information Systems Division
15. Division of Agricultural Statistics
16. Division of Finance Statistics
17. Investment Statistics Division
18. Foreign Trade Statistics Division
19. Regional Statistics Development and Quality Division
20. Legal Expertise Branch



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